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Sedona Pure Story by Lee Arison, Founder

Years ago I was traveling across the country when I stopped in Sedona, Arizona. I had heard amazing things about the energy and vortexes in and around Sedona. The place didn’t let me down. I decided to build a new life among the red rocks. It is here, in one of the country’s most beautiful settings, where I delved into quantum energy technologies. At that time I had no idea how it would change the direction of my life; and how it would influence the world of those who came in contact with this amazing technology.
Over the years I have worked with a variety of scientists and researchers to find the ideal frequencies for the human body. Our bodies are energy. Sometimes that innate flow of energy can be disrupted due to a variety of things such as stress, toxins and electromagnetic pollution. I wanted to find out how to keep the energies flowing. After many tests, we honed in on the right frequency and I infused stones with this special frequency.
The stones work great, but have limitations. It’s hard to wear a stone when working out. And these stones may not be the right accessory when dressed up for a romantic evening. So, I then infused essential, organic oils. The benefits of the oils are numerous as they can be used on the body in targeted areas and they do not get in the way of daily routines or special occasions.
I began selling my oils at sporting events and to health spas. Athletes love the extra energy, strength, stamina, and lack of fatigue they experience using my infused oils. I had found my niche.
To my great surprise, healthcare professionals started contacting me after using my oils on patients with astounding results. One doctor had used it on a non-verbal autistic boy who began talking in coherent sentences within ten minutes of application. Another practitioner used the oil on a patient with lupus, who immediately felt the constant pressure behind her eyes disappear. A surgeon used the oil on patients prior to surgery and reported that post-op recovery time significantly decreased. Incredible!
But what do I know about the healthcare industry? Fate stepped in. While traveling to a spa show in New York, I sat next to a woman who was on her way to work an integrative medicine conference. We talked the entire flight from Phoenix to New York City. She was impressed by this special technology. I asked Jama Lambert to help me take it to the healthcare world. That is how Sedona Pure came to be.

How Quantum Energy Infusion Effects the Body

Everything in the universe has frequency. Every cell in the body has a specific sequence of vibration frequency. The vibration is sort of a fingerprint that identifies the unique structure. By introducing a properly calculated frequency into a human body through oils or pendants, the body responds in a positive way and thereby opening avenues to heal itself. When you cut your finger, the healthy body immediately begins the repair process. The body is fully capable of healing itself. However, negative energies, such as bad food, toxins, radiation and stress, can block the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Quantum Energy Infusion can put cells in the human body in the overdrive, creating rapid, positive results. These products cannot replace  treatment protocols. However, they can enhance treatment protocols by speeding up the recovery process.

How We Infuse with Quantum Energies

We have developed three individual machines that will restructure and program molecules. The first machine agitates the molecules to bring them into a flux state. It is in this state that they are able to receive information. This requires a specific combination of frequencies. The second machine sends information. The energy information of our Quantum Energy Infusion enhance the body’s innate properties. The third machine creates an opportunity for the information to be trapped within cells.
This combination of Quantum Energy Infusions allows the body to receive positive energies, use the positive energies and retain the positive energy.